Mida's Curry Powder


Shelf life:18Months

Storage conditions:Store at a ventilated, dry and cool place,keep away from sunlight

Applicable to:Suitable for pickled, fried vegetables and fried rice, which can enrich the curry flavor for the fried vegetables.

Flavor characteristics
Authentic Indian flavors, spicy and aromatic, with a subtle spicy texture and richness.
Product advantages
Selected natural raw materials, rich fragrance; The bottle is clean, hygienic and well sealed to keep the original curry fragrance; Fine powder, no residue, fragrance
Mida's Curry Powder
Popular recipes

Beef Brisket with curry cubes

Beef Brisket with curry cubes

Prepare the material:
Main materials

Beef Brisket 300g

Subsidiary materials

300g potatoes, 250g onions, 100g carrots, 30g red pepper, 30g yellow pepper and 100g ginger


Mida's classic curry cubes 100g, 2 tsp oil, 600g water

Operation process:
Boil the beef brisket in water, skim the foam, add 100g ginger and cook for about 45 minutes until the beef brisket is cooked and the chopsticks can be inserted easily.
Remove the thoroughly cooked beef pot belly and cut into small pieces for standby.
Wash potatoes, carrots, onions, yellow pepper and red pepper and cut into pieces
4.Heat the pot and add oil, add onions, carrots and potatoes, stir fry until fragrant, add the clear soup when cooking beef brisket, cook until it is eight mature for about 6 ~ 8 minutes, then add Mida's classic curry spicy flavor, cut beef brisket and colored pepper blocks, constantly stir the anti stick pot, wait for the curry blocks to dissolve completely, and then come out of the pot for about 1 minute.